Success right from the start

Founded in 1993, Jessat GmbH emerged from one of the largest independent engineering offices in Germany. In the course of a friendly spin-off, a separate company was founded from the ranks of the automation group.

In addition to employees who have accompanied the company since its founding, young, committed employees shape the corporate culture of Jessat GmbH, and – with their core competencies – form the basis for the long-term success of the company.

Jessat GmbH was headquartered in Offenbach am Main, Germany, from 1993 to 2001. In 2001, the company moved to Bad Soden am Taunus.

Through its constant expansion of the Bad Soden location, Jessat GmbH is now also represented in Rhauderfehn, Bochum and Bratislava (Slovakia). The idea behind establishing further company headquarters was to be able to react even faster to local customer wishes and to advance processes

The basis of our company

The aim of all our projects is not only to meet the requirements of our customers, but to exceed them. Every day our mission is to be better, more innovative and more flexible than our competitors. Creativity, motivation & engagement and optimal collaboration & cooperation are the cornerstones of our success that guide us each day.

  • Creativity = The foundation for innovation
    Creativity is required in the age of digital transformation in order to survive on the market. We meet this demand with innovative ideas, thinking outside the box and being open to the unknown, which optimise the company as a complex entity on a daily basis.
  • Motivation & engagement = The foundation for success
    Motivation is the inner drive and ambition of people to push things forward and to excel through commitment every day through top performance. The source of our motivation is passion, enthusiasm and interest in the automation industry.
  • Optimal collaboration & cooperation
    Coordination and cooperation within the company is the basis for combining our skills with our will and achieving the desired success. We communicate our corporate culture and goals clearly, because only employees who understand the way and the objective of their work and know their role in the company can successfully carry our projects. As a result, we enable a learning collaboration in which employees develop by sharing knowledge, and we enable great teamwork.Based on these key competencies, we develop individual automation solutions that open up new avenues for you.

Our customers

Our customers include well-known companies that benefit from the functionality and reliability of our automation solutions.

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