The advantages of new system technology

Our core competence lies in the integration of adapted and precisely calculated new system technologies into obsolete plants. This is highly complex and always a challenge due to the integrated nature of plants, the components of which must be precisely matched to each other.

The late detection of a defect or an inaccurate installation can risk the failure of an entire plant. Especially in older plants, the control technology is the weakest part of all components. Our aim when migrating innovative and modern control technology to existing peripherals is to minimise limiting factors within individual production steps.

While retaining the I/O modules, we replace CPUs and communication processors and thus return your plant to the state of the art. After an exact risk assessment and detailed preliminary planning, a binding test and time schedule is agreed. Of course, the final migration will take place according to your schedule.

The multitude of successful migrations at Jessat GmbH includes, among others:

  • Upgrade from S5 to S7
  • Upgrades of the AEG A250 – A500 Series
  • Modicon, Schneider Quantum
  • Mitsubishi A Series ➜ Q Series
  • Numerous standard services such as the replacement of frequency converters and similar.

We support and advise you from the beginning to the end of the project as a reliable and competent partner and ensure a smooth migration thanks to our many years of experience.

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